Hasn’t education progressed beyond this?

So, I’m studying to be an airline pilot and learning all about the intricacies of civil air-travel…it’s really boring by the way…and all I can think about it when is my first review going to be published, will they hate or love it, and will they wonder why there are so many dwarfs in the union?

Ho, hum…so it’s back to Meteorology and Human Factors, a study into how the Civil Aviation Examiners can write a question so poorly as to leave you confused as to what their asking, which centaury they were in when the conundrum was posed, and what type of aircraft were actually flying at the time…some sort of winged dinosaur with a wooden saddle on the back I’m guessing from the questioning technique?  Seriously, can’t the modern examiner not pose a question that is relevant to today’s aircraft, not one that was taught to Columbus before he was allowed to board the damn boat…a questioning technique that doesn’t leave you wondering whether the inquisitor learnt his trade in Spain during the middle ages and has heard of…what we in the aviation industry call…lighter than air travel, or aeroplanes for short.  Why am I having to suffer from this after flying the Tornado,

crop f3

Hawk and various other types, all over the world and amassing nearly 5000 hours?  It cannot just be to make money for the Civil Aviation Authority could it?  They wouldn’t make me jump through all these hoops, prove I can fly a Cessna…apparently a set of RAF Fighter Pilot Wings doesn’t count for much and they need to know I can fly a light piston aircraft to show my true metal…before I can prove that I am able to fly in the airways?  I’m sure it’s not a money making exercise  😦

N.B. I have flown in the airway structure as far afield as the USA and Malaysia, from Iceland to Egypt and most of the countries in-between with my RAF wings!

Still they are using a computer based learning system… yeah, you can see the chalk marks on the DVD, sure… but at least they’re trying.  Very bloody trying.

Anyway, rant over.  Back to the stupid test on the heart…for some reason we need to be able to build one mid flight?

Do you have any gripes about the sort of training you get for your job?  If you do, I’d love to hear about them.

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