TLC Free on Kindle 15-17 Mar 2013

As it is my Birthday weekend, if anyone asks I’m 30…ish, I’m giving away TLC on kindle for Free.

Who Will Enjoy TLC?

If you, your friends/family/neighbours/family pet/man you met at the bus stop/siblings enjoyed books like Potter, Hitchhikers or Pratchett, then you/they will enjoy TLC.

Get the Word Out

Share this on your Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, tell your friends that North Korea have promised to dismantle their Nuclear weapons if they download it…mention it at your book club and then read it yourself.

Remember…The World Needs TLC


The offer begins at 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time…that’s GMT -7hours… on the 15 March and finishes 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on the 17 March.  All times are subject to variation as the Amazon servers catch up, dependent upon where you are in the World.


  1. So the big weekend is upon me, how many eBooks can I expect to be downloaded over the next 72 hours? Will it be 50…the first 20 went in the first hour…will it be a hundred, a thousand? Well, I’m hoping for as many as possible, if you can share and get the word out, that would be fantastic. By the way….Canada is leading the viewing today, with the UK second, USA third and the Philippines fourth, followed by Australia. However, I think the UK will soon overtake Canada, then the USA usually comes from behind due to the time lag…no, I’m not saying the USA is stuck in the past.

    Anyway, a big thank you for those who’ve shared so far and those who will,

    Remember…the World needs TLC.

      • Z, thanks. The book is supposed to be fun and your comment just made my birthday. Could you say thanks to your friend who’s read it and say that if they liked this one, they’ll love the next one. 🙂

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