So, are you one of the many that have already glimpsed the promotion on this weekend?

Have you told your friends about it, or are you going to be mean, download it yourself, read it and then tell your friends (smugly) how you think the book is amazing…and you got it for free.

Don’t be like that

Tell your friends, your sister who has a teenage daughter, the tramp that lives in the garage and owns a Kindle Fire or the small alien from the planet Phtanger Plop who dropped in to visit at Christmas… broke the space ship reversing out of the launch pad… and is still waiting for intergalactic DHL to drop of the new plasma phase coli thingymajig-whatsamacallit 2, so that he can get home for the Easter Egg hunt, an idea that he believes will make him a fortune as they have a rabbit problem on Phtanger Plop.

So what are you waiting for, press the share buttons, get the word out and be the friend/sibling/workmate/customs officer that shares the good will, likes to make the world a better place and…ah, this probably doesn’t apply to the customs officer…rejoices in seeing people smile, laugh and enjoy themselves, and is  known for always going out of your way if you can help others.

Or…you can

Just read it and then smugly tell your friends that ‘it’s now back up to full price and how cool am I for getting it for free’.  I suggest you finish the sentence with a wink before sticking two fingers up at them…and then running to the door as quickly as possible, dodging the supersonic stiletto thrown by the girl you wanted to date, but now realise you have no hope with, and ducking as your priceless plastic Stuka model recreates a scene from the Battle of Britain.

Your Choice, I know which I would do, but then I was always the weird one and I was never going to get that date anyhow…and it’s just funnier that way.

Remember…the World needs TLC!

Note: The reason for the Rabbit problem on planet, Phtanger Plop, is due to Mr Archiboldavinatachyphlem Katanga-Xantianiagforkander (known as ‘Mate’ to his friends) importing a species of rabbit 20 years ago and allowing them to escape and breed in the wild.  The rabbit species in question was the Flopsy rabbit of Spantaga Prime (a huge 12ft tall carnivorous monster known for causing several species extinctions in over 42 galaxies).

‘Mate’ bought as they looked ‘cute’.

The little bundles of joy soon grew from the ‘initially I could hold them in my hand’ and he released them after they had eaten his dog, its kennel and two of the neighbours racing hippo-horses.

There is a warrant out for ‘mate’ with a huge reward attached.  It is believed he escaped to planet Earth around Christmas and has remained there after an accident in the launch pad…

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