The Main Character

I’m not going to tell you to much about the Main Character(MC) here, but explain why I chose him and how I created him.  In the original story the MC was considerably older, mid forties, and was based around a divorced office worker who had come home to find his best friend in bed with his wife.  When I was halfway through writing TLC, I knew he had to change, but it was not until I’d finished the second book that I knew what to do…he had to shed twenty years, his grey hairs and several pounds.  He needed to become someone the reader could relate to…and he needed to be fun.

Developing the MC

I settled on Daniel’s age, 23, so that he was believable as an MC who was going to ‘starve the bird’ and wasn’t to young to have such responsibility thrust upon him.  Next I needed to add depth, and having him drop out of university (nope, not telling you why…and I know it’s the explanation is not in TLC…all will be revealed in later books), and having him engaged to a ….you’ll have to read TLC to find out… made him more life like and added colour to his bland life.  The last point about Daniel is one of the huge unanswered questions at the end of TLC, a question that will become more prominent through the books and will only be answered in the finale.  The question you ask…

Sorry…but I’m not telling you.  You’ll have to work it out yourself.

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