Are Earthworms to Blame for Global Warming and are we Blind to the Global Earthworm Conspiracy?

I have just read an article in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper and I’m now wondering whether we have a global worm conspiracy on our hands?  Have the worms actually duped us into to believing that global warming was down to our efforts, when actually they were the ones responsible?  Are we blind to the global worm conspiracy against us?

The more I researched this subject, the more worried I become…and so should you.

Beware the earthworm threat.

Beware the earthworm threat.

April 2010-BBC report that Earthworms form herds and make group decisions. 

If you read the link above, you can see where my worry began, and how it has begun to haunt my every waking moment.  The article states that, if you read between the lines a little bit…

earthworms are capable of forming huge armies capable of wiping us off the face of the earth…

…given the correct circumstances.  I did not believe it at first.  Sure the reporter had tried to hide the real calamity awaiting us due to our ignorance. But after a second reading of the article, it was all to clear.  I couldn’t believe it, but there it was…

we’re sleeping while beneath us a tide of hatred plans our downfall

Should we really be worried about Al Qaeda when packs of suicide worms may soon destroy the very planet we live on?  Read on to learn more about this startling story…

24 Sep 2012-BBC Report an Alien Worm Invasion.

After reading the above article I realised that if we didn’t act soon, we would be too late.  It states, again if you read between the lines a little, that we are being invaded by a new super worm, one that has erupted forth from the bowels of the earth in order to challenge us for dominance at the top of the food chain.  The more I read, between the between the lines, the more the warning signs leapt out at me.

They have been working in our labs for some time, slowly developing themselves into superworms, a species of fighters ready to take us on when their numbers are sufficient


19 inch earthworm found in China

…so how do we stop them?  In the autumn I rang the UN and told them of my worries, that we were being invaded by right wing radical earthworms, but would they believe me…oh no, they could not see the earthworms evil for the all soil processing they were doing.  But I know what they’re up to.  I can see their evil designs.  And the next news article explained it all to well.  The question is, are we to late?

5 Feb 2013-Guardian Reports Global Worming Responsible For Global Warming 

Just as many of the Anti-Global Warming activists could have told you, we have very little to do with global warming, if it is happening at all.  they would tell you ‘it is all a massive cover up’.

If you speak to one of these activists yourself, one of the

‘it’s all a load of crap dreamt up by the tree huggers!’…

types, you’ll get a very strange response.  A standard answer when you quiz them about Global Warming.  When I first heard it, I couldn’t believe my ears…

‘why are you opening that can of worms?’

There it was, plain as day.  A threat from the worms.  You ask to many questions then they will open up a can of worms, obviously a code word for releasing the armies of superworms upon us.  So are we to late? After reading the article from the BBC on Global Worming, I think we probably are.

We’re too late. They’re already amongst us.

They have totally infiltrated the soil infrastructure, they are at home there and seem to be able to produce global warming gas at will…much like your granddad after Sunday lunch (I’m not saying granddad is in league with the worms, but it is something we may have to look into?).

So there we have it.  The end of humanity is upon us and we seem oblivious to the plot of the evil empire beneath our feet. 

So what should we do?

Me…I’m gonna keep on believing that the whole Global Warming thing might actually be down to man and ignore the real issue, hoping that the worm menace might somehow go away…but am I just sticking my head in the air?  After all, they are now promoting their own superheroes…

earthworm jim

We’re too late, make peace with the worms…