The Green Theme

What’s with all the Eco Crap?

Okay, you’re reading the website so I’ll let you into a secret.  The TLC books are my humble attempt to raise the whole green issue with the people I believe are going to be effected most…you.  Yep, it might seem strange that I’m presuming a lot, that I have no idea who’s at the other end of the blog…but I bet you’re not a old man, sat in his decrepit armchair, hair now only a wisp of white that you’ve allowed to grow long and now drape across your scalp in a feeble attempt to cover your baldness, ranting about how life ‘…was so much better in my day.  A the whole global warming thing’s been dreamt up by the tree hugging idiots who would have struggled to get a job in my day!’

If I have just described you, you’re on the wrong website…go away!

So who am I talking to?  I reckon you’re over the age of ten, but most likely under the age of fifty.  You wonder what you, or your children are going to do in life, and you believe that the ‘whole global warming thing’ is going to happen, you just don’t know how it’s going to effect you, and what you can do about it.

So here’s your part in TLC

Why should you have a part to play in the whole TLC thing?  Well, the world needs TLC, so you can help by spreading the word…please.  What do I mean by this?  Well, tell your friends if you like the book, or simply mention ways that you’ve discovered to save energy.  Tell them quietly, don’t thrust it down their throat.  Add it to your Facebook page, or tweet about it.  Chat about TLC at school or in the office, and then allow the conversation to drift onto ways of helping the environment and you’ll be amazed at what you can do to help.

Green Tips

If you do have some green ways you’d like to share, it would be fantastic if you could add them to the blog below.  I’ll go through them and highlight the best so they come up on the home page slider.  If you discover a website, again, just copy the link into the blog below and post.

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