TLC Concept

What is TLC all about?

When I began writing TLC I wanted to create a story which the reader would enjoy.  TLC needed to be a tale which the reader would not have to learn a whole new world, names and traditions and would be able to immerse themselves in a story that was enjoyable, fun, and most importantly of all…different.  I wanted to create an escape from the hum drum of everyday life.  Above all, the story had to be both believable, funny in parts, have a great deal of depth and filled with lovable characters.

The Beginning

The story begins in the everyday world that we all know and the first few chapters are purely there to set the scene before the book picks up pace from chapter 4 onwards.  Some readers might not like the fact that I’ve not rushed into action, beginning the story with a dramatic opening, but I didn’t want a book where you get dragged in, only to be disappointed when the following chapters don’t compare.

The Flow

The book series has been written so that the story becomes faster, more complex and deeper as the series progresses.  TLC is the start and can be read as a one off, but the next book…well, that would be telling, however, I can say that I believe it is better than the first and the third is better than the second.  I’m not going to tell you anymore about the rest of the series…but it’s going to be a huge amount of fun.

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