At twenty three, an office worker and university dropout from Basingstoke, Daniel Howard’s life hadn’t been the same since his fiancé left him and changes drastically after he hears voices at quiz night at the Dog and Duck. He soon discovers he’s lost an invisible cactus, his fiancée wasn’t quite the woman he thought she was, that wands are…at best…annoying and the company he works for hasn’t really put the correct measures in place to stop assassination attempts on his life. So partnered with the mysterious and less than enthusiastic Melody, he boards the centuries old Odyssey and gives chase to the evil wizard Daguarin. He criss-crosses the Atlantic Ocean, battles a sea-dragon, coaches seven dwarf trainee-managers, sings with huskies and confuses several less-then-clever gnomes; all to rescue an invisible plant… he never knew existed.
Unfortunately, Daniel Howard is the World’s only hope, the first carbon neutral wizard of our time and he’s only ever been to Cardiff…oh crap!

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