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Cactus Front

The Lost Cactus
Daniel’s life changes when he discovers he’s lost an invisible cactus, his fiancé wasn’t quite the woman he thought she was and that wands are…at best…annoying.
Carbon Neutral Adventure
Partnered by the mysterious Melody, Daniel boards the Odyssey, battles a sea-dragon, coaches seven trainee dwarfs and gives chase to the evil wizard, Daguarin…all to rescue an invisible plant, he never knew existed.
The World Needs TLC
Discover a new exciting magical world where the polar bear in accounts, called Bob, is only interested in your carbon footprint and the wizards have to work under Health and Magic at Work guidelines.

The Author’s sister said ‘The Lost Cactus is a sure fire bestseller’
The Debut Author said ‘The Lost Cactus is the best book I’ve ever written’
A total stranger stated ‘The Lost Cactus is a book I’ve never read’

Welcome to the home of The Lost Cactus.  Within the website you’ll find a variety of pages that will inform, make you think and in many a case, have you laughing and wincing in equal measure.  Have a look a round and if you find pages that you like, dislike or think could be improved then leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Remember, the world needs TLC…enjoy your stay.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Interesting site with lots to see and I enjoyed my visit here. I will bookmark this site so I can keep coming back. I was impressed by my countries ranking.

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